Mar 15, 2010

How much is a penny worth? ...

A penny by itself is not worth much UNTIL you find another, then another, and then still another lying on the ground lost and forgotten until you happen to walk by and pick them up. It is so easy to let them lay there either consciously or unaware as it is to pick them up determined and focused. This principle to be aware and to consciously look for these pennies is the ideal behind the Pennies for Patients Program Fundraiser that my oldest daughter took part in recently, and of which I was hooked into as the opportunities to look for these coins were during life's daily errands. It is amazing how many pennies and how many OTHER coins of greater value can also be found in a short trip to the store, in a parking lot, or in a walk around the neighborhood. In the end, it all adds up and every penny counts.

This same principle can be applied to living green as seen in this article on Kanu Hawai'i. The simple commitments that one individual can take to live greener, healthier lives become so much more when combined with several other thousands of individuals committed to the same ideal.

Interested in picking up your first (proverbial) penny? Taking your first step towards green living?

Look here no further at Kanu Hawaii's website to see how you can begin to walk, to trot, to jog, and to keep that forward momentum towards attaining sustainable living.

You can also check out the Green section in Honolulu Advertiser’s newspaper online for more exciting and invaluable articles, tips and recommendations for green living in Hawai’i.

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