Apr 21, 2010


HOORAY! After learning so much about the food aspect of sustainability and seeing how the first step in the right direction involves supporting local farms -- there is finally the opportunity to put this into practice! Local, grass-fed beef, hormone and antibiotic-FREE is available for sale to the local public -- yes, here on O'ahu!

The article appears in the GET FRESH (Local, Seasonal, & Fresh) tab within the "Share Your Table" website. How satisfying to know that you can help to be a part of the solution which only has positive outcomes.

Wouldn't it be great to wash down that fresh, local beef with fresh, local milk? Well you can do just that thanks to Naked Cow Dairy here in O'ahu. Take a look at what the sisters who founded Naked Cow Dairy have to offer and are planning in addition to fresh, healthy, local milk.

The Share Your Table website is an excellent resource with which to start once you realize the importance of food sustainability and consequently decide to support local, sustainable businesses. Also included in the website is a Share Your Table Blog which is very interesting and provides a more detailed and personal glimpse into these important issues locally.

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